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At Pistec we work with groups of consultants/experts (both local and international) to create a unique advantage for our customers.

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Technology Services

We offer a full range of technology services ranging from enterprise application support and development, IT outsourcing and staff augmentation, and general IT consulting.

We can help you to shift your IT spend from legacy to leading edge so that your business can deliver the experience your customers want and the type of results you desire. Pistec can help you accelerate to a secure, digital, data-driven enterprise

Consulting Services

With our business consulting services we enable you to succeed through executable strategies with teams and resources to help you execute them and to manage your growth, achieve required transformation and gain efficiency.

Our tax consultants can assist you with your tax returns and reporting, and also help you resolve all your backlogs of tax issues.

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Real Estate Services

We offer comprehensive real estate services in the market, ranging from property development, sale and rentals. Our result oriented approach provides our clients with optimal solutions.

Whether you are a property owner, tenant, or buyer, we value your business and will provide you with the individual attention and service you deserve. We believe in a strict Code of Ethics. We believe in integrity, commitment to excellence, a professional attitude, and personalized care.

Agricultural Services

At the moment, Pistec is just into marketing and distribution of agricultural products. We source and distribute agricultural products to local and international markets.

We plan to expand into farming and food processing later in the future and also to engage in strategic partnerships that can further enhance our chances of meeting our goals and help to boost food production in the country.

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Building & Construction Services

We offer our clients direct access to a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists offering consultancy services in preliminary work, building design, construction management as well as construction supervision and maintenance work.

From preliminary or structural designs for buildings and other structures, to the design of HVAC, electrical and control systems, to developing fire safety plans and designing diverse acoustical solutions, specialists at Pistec have the knowledge to solve project challenges of any size.

Supply Chain & Logistics Services

We package, store and distribute products across Nigeria. We develop and implement supply chain models that are efficient and economical.

Our models cover end-to-end supply chain cycle from production to distribution across Nigeria and Overseas. With our customized supply chain models, we support manufacturers and distributors in inventory management and logistics.

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